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Photos littered my apartment floor. Snapshots of birthday parties sulked beneath the table, and a pile of headshots spilled its guts onto the kitchen tiles. I flicked through the ones in my hand and let them fall to join the others, snatching up my Polaroid camera as if it would give me answers.
At a loss, I did what came naturally to me; I raised the camera and took a shot. The image of a dirty, photo-strewn apartment slipped from its belly a few moments later. I let it fall to join the rest.
My phone buzzed. I frowned at the screen, but my options were growing few. Ignoring the text from my service provider reminding me of my dwindling minutes, I punched in a number with the ease of long practice.
“Hey, Mom. Can I come over later today?”
I scoured the attic like I had scoured the boxes of photos shoved into my apartment closet. Bits of metal pricked my fingers and discarded paper scoured lines along my palm. I pushed a box aside, ignoring the twinge in my back, and grabbe
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Gathering Ashes Chapter 21
“You know, I really need to stop doing this kind of thing,” Eva said as she peered down the dark stairwell. Cars hummed on the street behind her. “How many times can I follow strange animals into the unknown before I get myself killed?”
The crow on her shoulder clucked its tongue. Eva pulled out her phone and waved it at the bird, her finger hovering over the “send” button.
“Remember, one wrong move and I bring a vengeful angel down on your tail feathers,” she said.
Sighing, she plunged into darkness. Her phone provided little light, but it was enough to stop her from stumbling down the stairs. She paused when they reached solid ground, squinting. Blackness loomed around her.
“Kind of dark,” she admitted in a small voice.
Cocking its head as if it had not considered this problem, the crow whistled. Golden lights lit a stone hallway. The crow eagerly hopped ahead of her, leading her deep into a maze of halls a
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Team Goldrush -- PMDSC: Nicholas
Pete and Pye had slept in many accommodations throughout their years of travel; slabs of hay in the corners of barns, piles of ratty blankets scrounged from forgotten cupboards, plush, fluffy beds that one could drown in at any time, between thorny bushes with a kingdom of stars spreading out above them.
Regardless of where they slept, regardless of the plush majesty or itchy destitution, they always ended in the same position: Pye with her legs tucked against her body, her neck stretched out and slightly bent, and Pete curled up against her. He could feel the heat of her body and the thrumming of blood in her veins. It always assured him that they were alive and that they, regardless of whatever went on around them, were together in their trek through the world.
Which was why it was always a start when he woke up without her.
He groped for a moment at the coldness beside him, then jolted to his feet. His bad leg immediately gave out below him and he tumbled from the ramshackle pillow-
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Gathering Ashes Chapter 20
      A cold wind ripped across the lake, tugging at Ambrosia’s fur as she trotted down the beach. Old, rotting docks stretched out over the water. The map pointed to a trail starting at the lake, but this stretch of beach was so rocky and unused that she wasn’t sure if she would spot it. Her eyes kept blurring. She stopped and stepped into the shallow water, reveling in the crisp coolness that sparked life back into her veins. She wondered if she could just keep walking, allowing the water to pool over her chest, her neck, her mouth. All she had to do was step forward.
Shaking herself free of the thought, she looked back. A gentle gust of wind brought a myriad of scents from the forest. A vaguely familiar smell sent her scrambling to the shore, where she found a beaten dirt path winding into the woods. The wolf had been here often. As she hurried down the path, other scents caught her attention: dogs and rabbits and other animals she could not identify. This
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Gathering Ashes Chapter 19
Ambrosia trudged through the field of white, snow clumping onto her fur. Snowflakes blurred the world around her. Her paws ached with cold. Her lungs burned with every breath, sucking in the icy air until it filled every inch of her body. Dizziness made her vision swim. Her chest was numb. Something in the back of her mind told her that these were signs of hypothermia. She trudged on.
The ground turned hard and smooth under her feet. She paused and lifted a foot. A smooth patch of ice glimmered beneath her. Her paws felt clumsy as she scratched away the snow until a sizable gap appeared, showing the ice. She stared down. Her own face reflected up at her—not the furry, black-nosed face she had come to expect, but a tanned human face with a slight smirk and a tuff of red hair falling into her eyes.
The image rippled, morphing into another face. This one was similar, but with a square jaw and rougher eyes—a face that Ambrosia knew better than her own.
“This again?”
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Gathering Ashes Chapter 18
Cedric Edwards drove along the dark, silent road, his fingers tapping a rhythm on the steering wheel. The yellow lights of his car illuminated the trees on either side. Darkness retreated before him. He hadn’t seen another car for some time—that was hardly surprising, considering the time of night. During his weekly visits to his nephew, he often wondered if life in Birchwood was worth the long, lonely drives through the forest that separated Birchwood from its nearest neighbors. Even in the daylight, the looming trees were quite threatening, and strange things tended to happen in the half-abandoned town he called home.
Cedric shrugged to himself. He had always enjoyed a bit of adventure, and the quiet drives were a good time to relax. He switched on the radio, but it simply crackled with static. Grumbling, he reached over to passenger seat for his iPod.
Something darted through the headlights. Cedric jerked at the wheel with one hand and slammed on the breaks. The car jolt
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It will be starting in about ten minutes. I'll be working on a background style for a future project, and maybe take some doodle requests.


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